Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Hydro Spike Review

Product: Hydrospike™ “Worry Free Watering” Sticks Model HS-300
Company: Design/Unitrend Oak Brook Illinois
Cost: Approximately $12.99 USD

HydroSpike is a new self-watering system that siphons water from any adjacent water source and slowly releases it in the soil. The HydroSpike™ does not claim to be a miracle watering system. It is simply a convenient way to water your house plants if you are going to be away from home or just don’t have time to water. The HydroSpike™ does exactly what it claims to do. The only problem I ran into was the amount of spikes I had to use for the size of pots I use in my house. Most of my pots are over 7 gallon and takes more than three spikes per pot. If you have a lot of large pots this is probably not for you. At $12.00 for a package of three it can get pretty expensive. If you only have a few small pots than the HydroSpike™ watering system will work fine. HydroSpike™ is also conveniently packaged in an easy to open plastic package that is easy to display on a table or hung on a rack making it easy for store owners to display. In conclusion I would recommend this product if you have a few small indoor plants that need to be watered while you are on vacation and don’t have anyone to water them. If you are like me and have quite a few larger pots, this system product might not be cost efficient.

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