Monday, January 14, 2008

Illinois Exotic Weed Law

This Law states That The Following Plants Cannot Be Planted, Bought or Sold In Illinois Without A Permit.

Natural Resources. Such permits shall be issued only for experiments in controlling and eradicating exotic weeds or for research to demonstrate that a variety of a species listed in this act is not an exotic weed." The act defines exotic weeds as "plants not native to North America, which when planted either spread vegetatively or naturalize and degrade natural communities, reduce the value of fish and wildlife habitat, or threaten an Illinois endangered or threatened species....Violators of this act shall be guilty of a class B misdemeanor. When the violation is a continuing offense, each day shall be considered a seperate violation. "Furtermore. "exotic weeds offered for sale in Illinois....(to Illinois residents) are subject to confiscation and destruction by agents of the Department of Natural Resources." However commercially propagated exotic weeds for sale outside Illinois are permissible. Weeds that are exotic in Illinois are noted in table 4.2

Table 4.2 Exotic weeds of Illinois

Japanese Honeysuckle (Lonicera japonica)
Multiflora rose (Rosa Multiflora)
Purple Loosestrife (lythrum salicaria)
Common Buckthorn
Glossy Buckthorn
Saw-Toothed Buckthorn
Dahurian Buckthorn
Japanese Buckthorn
Chinese Buckthorn

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