Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Sunny Knock Out® PPAF 'Radsunny’

Sunny Knock Out® PPAF

Introducer: The Conard-Pyle Co.

Breeder William Radler

Type Landscape Shrub Rose

The Bud

Form: Pointed
Color: Bright Yellow
Size: Medium (2 inches)

The Bloom

Color: Bright yellow at opening, turning
cream white when fully open
Form: single
Number of Petals: mostly 5, sometimes 6
Size: Medium
Diameter: 3 inches
Fragrance: no flower fragrance, but the petioles release a strong sweetbriar fragrance similar to Rainbow Knock Out®

The Plant

Vegetation: Very vigorous
Habit: Upright
Inflorescence: 1 to 5 flowers per stem
Foliage: dark green, semi glossy
Disease Tolerance: Very good
Flowering: very abundant and continuous, will bloom year round in mild climates
Height: 4 - 4 1/2 feet


This new release from Bill Radler has the disease resistance of the original Knock Out®, with a similarly dark, attractive foliage, and a slightly more upright habit. A new color in the most popular shrub rose family in North America, Sunny Knock Out® will shine in any garden from Canada to the Gulf. Winter hardy to zone 4. The yellow color will stay stronger during the cooler times of the year.

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